I found Carmel Chapel photographs piled in my hard-disk. I thought it’s not a bad idea if I share some since I don’t have anything to share right now :).

It was last year on Sunday June 26th, 2011. I, my mom, and auntie’s family went to Carmel Chapel, St. Maria Fatima Chapel, Lembang, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. It was my first visit to the chapel, and was so eager to see beautiful scenery as well as Bandung’s Via Dolorosa. The chapel was quite small, but because it was built by Hollanders before Indonesia gained its independence – and the scenery and air was so good, there were people around West Java went there to pray. The mass was very crowded, but refreshing. I forgot what sermon the pastor gave us, but all I knew that I was so blessed.

After Sunday’s mass, we went to Via Dolorosa and I took some good photos there with my Nokia N8 camera. My auntie said that the Via Dolorosa was being renovated recently so you might perhaps see two versions of it. When we came, it was already renovated. Click “read more” below to see.

scenery taken from Via Dolorosa. Below is Lembang Town.

It was very beautiful, the sky was bright blue that day unlike any other days (because Bandung has uniform sky and rarely we can see blue sky).

via dolorosa final destination and the cross

via dolorosa, Carmel Chapel, Lembang

Above is my most favorite photo and the best photo I’ve taken in my life (exaggerating a bit won’t hurt). I often use this as my laptop wallpaper (and you can either print or save it as you like. I don’t mind reproducing or for commercial use, but be sure to visit Indonesia and see the wonder for yourself #shameless-promotion-for-Indonesia)

link to the chapel’s site (in Indonesian): [here]
link to someone’s multiply posting about the chapel : [here]

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