It’s been bugging me for a while — the topic might offense some of people, but I only share my thoughts here — about science and faith. For someone this topic might sound offensive and everyone has their own way of thinking, so if you don’t like, don’t read and leave this post be :).

I am a devoted Christian. I attended Sunday sermon as usual in certain bright Sunday, and the preacher gave us a joke about him conversing with math teacher that mathematics and religion are exactly in a different perception — or simply, different world. I think their conversation is like, “mathematics said 5 + 2 = 7, but in religion, 5 (breads) + 2 (fish) = 5000 (people) + 12 (baskets[?])”. I knew this was just a joke, but I just frowned. Then I observed and heard same kind of things from preachers and church’s friends’ mouths — that science makes people far from God because they usually pursue things that are too abstract and complicated which increase their hair loss… or to put it simply, science and knowledge will vanish someday and why do we need to pursue them? (mostly astronomy and mathematics).

But I am also an engineer. I attended a certain class and I found that the lecturer distinguished religion/ faith and science/ knowledge so the students can focus to their study and didn’t raise ‘weird’ questions like 5+2 = 5000+12. But I know that there are many people out there thought that science/knowledge is everything and they eventually worship it like a god (New Age Movement) – anything that illogical is false and only exact things true. But, is this what the world currently thinking? Isn’t there anyone thinks that the two “different” world, science and faith is one?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am certain that the Bible has said something about science too (if it isn’t then why must Adam gave names to all animals in the first place). From the bible, we can also find things related to science: from the creation of the earth, Job, Psalm, about the rain, the rainbow, the buildings… Noah’s ark’s size is recorded there, as well as the Gate. There are many things about astronomy too, The Wisemen from The East for example, or the position of the sun. History, the places, the Pharaoh, about culture, mathematics (building size and such), medicines (remember that Evangelist Luke was a doctor)… isn’t there science in the Bible? Is studying about mathematics or medicine less important?

I find it difficult to understand why there are people still said that science and religion can’t be united. I, as an engineer and whose thesis is about nanomaterial, found the science will always portray God’s glory over universe. When I study human anatomy for biomedics, I am amazed how God knit our neurons perfectly and assigned each different jobs. I learned that God gives us “language” to understand his creation more, that is by “MATHEMATICS” language. From physics (because I’m engineering physics), the complexity and simplicity of electromagnetic wave (imagine EM isn’t orthogonal but random, that would be a pain), Schrodinger equation, pion, muon, photon, wavelength, electrons… God’s Law is somewhat orderly and perfect. When I was younger, I was amazed that human body consists of small living cells. Inside the living cell there is a nuclei, and inside of it there are chains of DNA which consist of certain protein molecules, which molecule has atoms; inside of atom particles… proton, neutron, electron….quarks…

All of them are beautiful. From the size of an Angstrom forms a human being with one consciousness. Science is only a way for human to glorify God for His Omnipotence, not a tool to break the faith: they are going in unison. Note that humanity’s knowledge about universe is less than 10% until now and there is no way to understand all of the rest even until the sun becomes dwarf. And note that the current theories are not exactly exact–even Heisenberg’s uncertainty has been remade or Newton’s classical mechanics cannot be applied in quantum states. All we can do is to believe the Lord who creates it all, pleads for wisdom and true knowledge to glorify His Name.