Wijayakusuma flower (Epiphyllum Anguliger) is said to be a ‘rare’ flower which is believed to be able to give whoever see these flowers bloom good luck. My Mom got these flowers from her friend long time ago before we moved to new house because her friend said that the flowers never bloom. And yeah, it never bloomed before since we got the two pots and I thought it was just some kind of cactus with long wide leaves and not so special at all. I realized its beauty when it suddenly bloomed January 2009 night. The biggest flower came from separate pot, it rose from the edge of the leaf and had white petal. The other pot, which had smaller and shorter leaves, produced many small white Wijayakusuma flowers. I noticed they had different shapes (the big and the smaller ones) as seen in the picture

Smaller Wijayakusuma flowers in January 2009

Bigger Wijayakusuma; taken in January 2009

We thought they would never bloom again so we had many photos of them (lol) but surprisingly enough they bloomed again twice since then: April 2011 and December 2011. I had the habit to photograph every time they bloomed so I know the exact dates. The shape of the flowers were still the same, but the number of flowers increased; in December, we got 9 mini flowers from the small pot. They blossomed at night around 7 PM and didn’t last long, but the bigger one blossomed (probably) at dawn and we family could see the flower in the morning around 6 AM when we went to school.

Wijayakusuma in April 2006; taken by cellphone camera

The big one only blooms twice and only produces one big white flower. But the smaller ones, as my mom said, bloom quite often.

small wijayakusuma in December night

Here‘s a good article about Wijayakusuma in Indonesian language. If you compare the flowers in my blog and Rudy’s, the ones I have have pointed petals.