QUE Project: C-sama
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You who have learned basic chemistry must have known. Carbon is an element, but it has two pure stable structure that you can find in Mother nature: GRAPHITE and DIAMOND. While their element is the same, Carbon, the structure difference makes big difference in material behavior and characteristics. Diamond – well, who know not this beaut – has atomic structure like silica, it is sturdy, the strongest material and only diamond can cut diamond, beautiful, transparent and the most important thing is…expensive. and hard. Graphite? Cheap, black, the structure is layered hexagonal and brittle, because it’s inert and cheap it is usually used as electrodes.

Humans and all beings are composed (mainly) of CARBON. It’s a strange material that (invades earth – joking) can be combined to many (strange) structures such as polymer, carbon nano tube, organic material, etc. Since its abundance and usefulness, research on Carbon is quite popular among scientists.

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