QUE Project: PI-ojousama
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Which science/engineer/student doesn’t know the amazing number pi (\pi)? It’s extremely infamous for its irregularity and it’s one of very important constant which used in every science/engineering field – especially for physicians and mathematicians. PI is derived from Greek word “perimeter”,  the ratio of any Euclidean circle‘s circumference to its diameter [5]. The 14 March (3/14)  is known as ‘PI DAY‘, many people competes to remember digits of pi (…I myself can only remember 15 digits so far^^; ), and there are many famous poems/ sonnets with pi pattern (piphilologi). I admit that pi is beautiful – aside of its function as constant – because… well, can’t describe the beauty :P. Not the gossip about whoever can find the last digit of pi will be God or whatever, though.

But did you know? The number “7” won’t be found even we recite 10th digit of pi. Let’s cite: 3.1415926535897..! The pi is simplified as 22/7, and you will see something cute there: 3.142857… (then again, the number 7 is the last number appear before the digits repeat). There are two numbers missing: 6 and 9 and if we glue them together, 69 and rotate 180^0, you’ll find a sign of zodiac #coldjoke There are amazing mysteries around pi – that’s why I love this number.

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