To all readers, happy new year 2012! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ  Let this year be awesome, full of blessings, and good fortunes!

I’ve heard about some bad news these first days of 2012, starting from the lost of two Mancheste–wait… okay, I’m The Citizen’s fan ( ・_・)ノ… murder case in my hometown, crisis in politics and economics… Although there are some bad news around you, don’t let them reduce your spirit to do good works. One of my friend tweeted, “why (people usually set good resolution and wait for next year to do another resolution) always in new year, why not new day, new minute, new second…”. And I received an answer from my prof in etiquette course that these days (my nation) people are sick and we need to brace ourselves, strengthen our belief and faith to counter the tides. It’s a very good advice, never cease to do good works, don’t let critiques and bad issues affect what you’ve believed, and – the most important thing – let God leads you according to His plan.

Alright! Now time to share what to post here until July (my aimed graduation)!

  1. Things about my undergraduate thesis! I haven’t touched them even though I’ve written the abstract for QED-C’s admission oTL;; I should graduate in July since it’s part of my vow for Osaka Univ, if I am to be accepted to study there for master and doctoral program. That means also an extremely hard works! I’ll be using DL_POLY for Molecular Dynamics Modeling,  which I haven’t tried since I have to do it, perhaps, with my campus’ cluster and palodozen.
  2. QUE 4koma Project will be updated every day or every week, because may be I don’t have enough time for drawing properly until July :,D
  3. Something about soundscape (my friend’s thesis). It’s a very interesting topic! I’ll give some of examples but don’t expect me to give it in lossless format XD since I’ll only record voices with my cellphone recorder.