After done with documents for graduate admissions of Osaka QED-C program (thanks God it’s finally finished), I and my family went to BIP Gramedia to hunt some discounted books, by my invitation 😀 It’s not like I expected before (I didn’t know my pops’ response was as positive as clear sky) but looks like everyone enjoyed themselves and we bought some good books there! Book-shopping is fun and we spent 4 hours just wandering inside Gramedia Bookstore. Everyone has their own interest and we stayed in the same spot for…. – well, until the sun set.

As usual, a bit report here 😀

My only interest is English classical novels. I want to buy “The Lord of The Ring (English version) series” and Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” (my favorite detective novel I’ve read so far) for collection….which stocks are both zero 😦 so I chose, either “The Jungle Book”, “Bible King James version”, “The Princes and The Tower” (heavy readings indeed), or “Seven Stories of Christmas Carol” – at first. Mom stuck in recipe corners and I know she would buy one (lol), and pops are searching for good thriller novel or translated Chinese classics but found none interest him. The interesting things came from the unexpected person. My lil bro had eyed “Commando magazines” (local monthly magazines about firearms and military stuff which I also love), a book about making a 3D game, and “Kisah dan Sejarah Perang Udara” (Story and History of Air Warfare) by Adjie Suradji!

books I bought today

Story and History of Air Warfare. The book is not discounted and it cost 125,000 rupiahs (around $13.6 perhaps?). It is thick, almost hit 500 pages and was first published in mid-year by GP Press, written neatly by Indonesian Air Marshal. The content is – wow…! It’s just like a dictionary full of detailed explanation about air warfare history, from Wright Siblings to first World War, dogfights, spitfires and hurricanes; from F16 to Kitty Hawks in 1991! The book gives sources and detailed information about what had happened in the wars and even mentions all the aces during WWI! For a military hobbyist like me and my brother (yea, I eat those kind of books too), this book is our sacred book.

And 5 PM was the end of our adventure today[?]. Mom bought (as I expected) delicious recipe books :9 and I haven’t bought anything since LoTR or Agatha Christie novels are not stocked. So I wandered again in the discounted corner and found my love! The novel I wanted the most but I’ve never expected it lying neatly on the bookshelf! “This Present Darkness” by Frank E. Peretti, published by Crossway Books Illinois in 1986 (I know it’s very old book – I even had not been born yet that year)

Actually I’ve read the translated one (in Indonesian) in my church’s library and totally fell in love with it. My church library also had the English version one, but I didn’t have time to borrow it every weeks – and lo! God gave me what He wants! The novel (despite I haven’t touched it by today) told us about a small church governed by a faithful couple in a small town called Ashton. It involves New Age movement, the prayers, a detective play (yes, it is like a detective novel for me), and war (literally). If you love fantasy, you will meet angels in the form of humans, interracting with men, and battle against devils with swords in their hands. The resume at its back cover is written as follow:

“Ashton is just a typical small town. But when a skeptical reporter and a prayerful pastor begin to compare notes, they suddenly find themselves fighting a hideous New Age plot to subjugate the townspeople, and eventually the entire human race. Not since The Screwtape Letters (C.S. Lewis, and I’ve read it) has there been a novel with as much insight into spiritual warfare and the necessity of prayer. Fast-moving, riveting reading ranking with the best thrillers on the bookself.”

And for nice finisher, my mom bought a book about “KEFIR” by Ir. Burhan Bahar. I thought it is another recipe book, but no! It’s full of scientific details of kefir, the grains of Prophet; its history, the difference with its sibling yoghurt, its benefit and very detailed information about functional food by Professor in IPB (Bogor Institute of Agriculture). I’ll share the content sometime later :D.

Looks like this is a good start for me to start reading again instead of playing around in the internet. I, too, have promised my Professor that I’ll finish all my study by July and I wish I can start the QED-C program by October if God lets me. That means less sleep and work hard next year! 😀 Wish me luck, everyone!