QUE Project: BLACKOUT03[?]
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This happens every time at lab. Before begin the experiment, check first whether the tools you will use in good condition or not. If not, ask your tutor for (new one). There are many times that (in lamps) if you apply high voltage and causes break down, the wolfram will also break (of course it doesn’t apply to fluorescent lamp). There are many parameters and factors which causes the lamp won’t lit, for example is the wolfram (for incandescent lamps), the cable (circuit has to be closed), or the duty cycle. And for newbies and professionals, the most important thing playing with electricity is SAFETY FIRST! Use MCB (micro circuit breaker) or FUSE before applying to high voltage anytime, and don’t forget the safety shoes. If you’re not sure using high voltage in your first experiment, try changing the lamp with LED and use battery as the energy source 😀 .

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