It was so sudden and the day wasn’t right for me. I had my thoughts on my unfinished homework on Simulation Material Science course and the lab report of Digital Control course. I have planned I will finish the lab report by night before my team mates took off to Jakarta, and I would have my calm day at home. My decision was questioned and I was forced to join the band, which consisted of me, my (forced too) little brother, and (the planner and the one who paid for us all) my big sister and her two friends. So we five off to Trans Studio, Bandung, the biggest indoor fun park in Indonesia. Here’s a little report.

At first, I didn’t take much interest in playing, until some time later… my entrance ticket were paid not by me and I should be thankful. So I came to enjoy it. Here are few photograph I took with my N8 cellphone:

Trans Studio Entrance

We left the guys waiting for YAMAHA roller coaster and the girls (inc. my lil bro) off to  watch “Si Bolang” – a ride about the introduction to Indonesia and pretty much like “Istana Boneka”; sightseeing from above with “Sky Pirate” which is quite nice for a sky trip; and (my favorite one) play in “Science Center” which has many interesting science simulators. The cosplayers[?] were cool and the decoration was also magnificent. I took some good photograph in “Magic Area”.

Harry Potter Epic Fountain

The other rides are “Vertigo”, “Giant Swing”, “Jelajah”, and many others… say, a miniature rides just like the ones from Dunia Fantasy[?]. They were not common and probably for those who had visited Dufan, TransStudio was not quite interesting since the rides were fewer that we can try them all in one day. But still, a pretty good experience. The most interesting part for me was the live theatre, their dancing and storytelling were quite something. TransStudio also had some good points including there were many “museums” that described the film-making and film effects, and what happened back stage.

BookWorm decor

At 4PM on time, there were parades of all cosplayers[?] from Charlie Chaplin, The GrimReaper, Indians, and decorative vehicles. We ended the trip after the boys rode “The Giant”. The most irritating part was the parking payment =___=;; As I have guessed, (we arrived at BSM at 10 and went out at 6) Rp 22,5k. It was… so expensive.