Frozen Memories is my first (finished) short novel about fantasy[?] adventure[?] (I don’t think it can be categorized in any suitable genre). It was made when I was 3rd grade junior high school student, if I remember correctly, it was made about May 2005 and finished at the end of the year. I tried to revise it few times years later but now I think it was best to keep as it is. If it receives good feedback, may be I’ll translate and edit this story unto English.

Date Created: May 2005
Genre: Mediaeval Fantasy[?]
Total Pages: 339
Language : Indonesian


A 15 years old boy who was dubbed as a knight. A maiden with unwavering faith. A corrupted church, a grim future.

The young temple knight was offered as a sacrifice to awaken the Death Angel without him knowing – to grant him the power to destroy, to break the bounds that bind the demons to rebel against God once again. He fought the ones who oppose him and his Holy Order, branding them heretics. He cursed and told people that he did that for the sake of God, he did all things that taught by his Holy Order… but why? His heart was ridden in guilt and in great doubt. Is my action can be counted as rightful?

It was when he did find out, it was too late. His sister was his enemy, and he doubt his own faith to his foster father and belief. He wanted to break free from the guilt and doubt, and he decided to follow his enemies – but it wasn’t as easy as turning your palm. With his own hands, he took what he wanted the most.